16 Foolproof Ways To Be The Cool Aunt Or Uncle You've Always Wanted To Be

You can never go wrong with silly songs.

Be the aunt or uncle you wish you had.

Be the aunt or uncle you wish you had.

“I'm the kind of aunt I would love to have. I try to not stifle my niece if I can help it. When she messes up, I make her accountable for her actions and explain why. I tell her I love her. I let her use my cell phone. I buy her artist-quality paint. I also give her the chance to travel. I want to help her become a global citizen and have a life outside of her backyard. Being the favorite aunt is not easily obtained. You don't have to just get a kid's attention, you have to keep it.”

—Ashley Trotman, Facebook

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Play your niece or nephew’s favorite games with them.

Play your niece or nephew's favorite games with them.

“I play Pokémon Go with my 8 year old nephew. I follow the news and updates, find nests and take him hottest spots to help him complete his pokedex. He started texting me daily about Pokémon, but now he just texts me to chit chat about his kid life.”


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Take a walk down memory lane.

Take a walk down memory lane.

“Funny stories about and funny pictures of their parents when they were younger go a long way in providing entertainment.”


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