17 Simple And Lazy Cleaning Hacks That Really Work

Cut a rug, make a list, get ~totes~ organized, and more tips for the lazy or short on time.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Use totes to stay on task.

Use totes to stay on task.

“I have three young children, so by the end of the day, things are never in the room they ought to be! I go through the house with a few reusable grocery bags in the afternoon (one for kitchen items, one for toys, one for trash, etc), so that I can quickly take all of the items where they need to go. It saves a lot of back and forth when I’m tidying up, and makes the process a lot quicker!” —glamatomic

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Prevent dust before it settles.

Prevent dust before it settles.

“My parents got me a high-quality air filter after theirs had helped them breathe better. What we’ve all noticed is that we dust far less often, because there's no dust in the room the filter is in, and much less in the rest of the house.” —josephinef42e73ed31

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