19 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Cut-out ankle boots, cactus dryer buddies, and 17 other favorite products from our recent posts.

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A grater that’s straight-up great (lol, it’s true though).

A grater that's straight-up great (lol, it's true though).

Promising review: “The best micro-grater I have ever used. It works like a charm on parmesan cheese, citrus, even for whole nutmeg. So much better than my old one. Would buy again and highly recommend this. One word of caution….it is VERY VERY sharp. Be sure to use the protective shield (I also keep it in the box in my drawer), and be super careful while you are using it. Nothing dull about this grater at all!! Love it!” —Flowerladytoo

Price: $9.98


A book detailing a cleaning and organizational system that’ll help you “unfuck your habitat.”

A book detailing a cleaning and organizational system that'll help you "unfuck your habitat."

Promising review: “This is a must-have. I know I'm not unique in my desire to live with less clutter and mess, while also finding most 'tidying' books/guides unrealistic and unkind. Ms. Hoffman treats the reader as a friend (without judgment) and understands the many challenges one faces: health (physical and emotional), limitations, living alone, multi-working households with kids, single parents… there's something for everyone, delivered with kindness and humor. Do a little, do a lot, do nothing until you're able, and above all, be kind to yourself. That's what is missing from all other books on this topic.” —Kindle Customer

Price: $11.11


An egg yolk in serious need of a puke bucket.

An egg yolk in serious need of a puke bucket.

Promising review: “The egg arrived early and it looks just like the one in the pictures. I would say this is worth the money and is really fun to play with and keep as decoration. I even bought two more for my brothers!” —Sarah

Price: $1.19


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