34 Tips That Will Help You Actually Get A Job Offer

From real people who did exactly that.

Always keep trying, and don’t let anything discourage you.

Always keep trying, and don't let anything discourage you.

You will meet a hundred people that do things better than you, but that doesn't give you any reason not to try.

Keep trying when you feel like giving up.


Ten applications a week. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of those applications. Write company-specific cover letters.

Commit to submitting five cover letters and résumés per week, minimum. Send them then forget them, at least until you get a reply. Dragging your feet while you wait to hear from your dream job and then being sad that you didn't get a response is a waste of time. Crank out those applications and don't look back.

Do not assume you can't get a job just because you're insecure. Apply for everything that interests you.
—Alicia Kistner-King, Facebook

But don’t *just* dump your résumé into the ether — follow up.

But don't *just* dump your résumé into the ether — follow up.

I'm a teacher, and I applied for several districts through their online applications, then followed up with the principal of every school I was interested in via email, introducing myself and attaching a copy of my résumé. I must have sent out somewhere between 30 and 40 emails over the course of a few weeks. Introducing myself helped me stand out from the other applicants in the pool.

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