Turn Old Tires Into Colorful Outdoors Storage Seats

Fix that flat into a comfy chair.

Store more in these outdoor seats!

Store more in these outdoor seats!

Caroline Miller / Via BuzzFeed

Old tire
200 ft / 60 m of rope
Hot glue
Industrial strength glue
2 wooden circles (17 in / 43 cm, and 15 in / 38cm)
Foam of desired thickness
Outdoor furniture fabric
Staple gun

  1. Wash tire thoroughly with how soapy water.
  2. Start hot gluing the rope to the top rim of the tire, and coil it down to completely cover the surface.
  3. Flip the tire over, and use industrial strength glue to attach the larger wooden board to the bottom.
  4. Let dry overnight.
  5. In the meantime, create the top cushion by cutting the piece of foam to size, and glueing to the smaller piece of wood.
  6. Secure the outdoor fabric to the wood piece by stapling a small section at a time around the edges. Trim the excess fabric.
  7. If desired, create a “tufting” effect on the cushion surface with your staple gun by creating an “X” with staples, and covering it with a button.
  8. Your tire seat is now complete, and is great for storing backyard toys, gardening tools, or pool supplies! Enjoy!

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